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Photography that is close to the heart!

The best advice that anyone can give to another person - do something that is close to your heart, something that you really enjoy and can be proud of or something that you can grow and learn from doing it!

I think 40 OVER 40 portrait photography project fits many things mentioned above: close to my heart, personal growth and joy of doing it!

five women portrait from 40 over 40 portrait photography project taken  at Vilija Skubute Photography studio

I am not 40 just yet, I am 39 years old.

Many women at this time have interesting life stories to tell. The obstacles they have overcome make them who they are today. The wisdom and experience they have gained along the way is priceless. There are so many things that can be learnt from them! Therefore I am privileged to meet all those women and I enjoy working with them in my studio to create their beautiful portraits. 

I could add another reason why I love 40 OVER 40 project is because it is not only me who is learning but I also provide some insight and experience on what to do in front of the camera.

There is always this question: what do I do in front of the camera? I am not a model, I don't know what to do? 

BUT I am a believer that we are all photogenic and we all can look amazing in the images. You just need to know how to move your body to find the best angles and it is not that complicated as it sounds. The best description - it is like a slow dance

(I do hope you like dance!) It doesn't matter what dance, just your body movement: your arms, hips, legs, chin - that is an important and unique aspect to you that creates beautiful portraits! That is what we are doing at the photoshoot that brings joy and satisfaction.

Majority of women from 40 OVER 40 photoshoot have are never have done any portrait photoshoot or stood in front of the camera, therefore it is so interesting to work with them!


So what is 40 OVER 40 portrait photoshoot project?

It a unique photoshoot experience - celebration of beauty, strength and wisdom of women who are 40+ where when all the participants & their families will be invited to a gallery and exhibition celebration.

This photoshoot price includes: consultation, hair & makeup, styling and photo posture advice, short video of the day, one print, reveal & ordering session.

During the photoshoot I will teach you how to move your body to create beautiful & timeless portraits of YOU.

Sometimes I hear the question: Why over 40? Why there is such separation?

I just feel it does help to describe what it is and it makes easier to recognise suitability of this portrait project to a person: yes, this photoshoot is exactly for me!

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