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Self portrait of photographer Viija skubute
Vilija Skubute

Portrait Photographer

I am for photography for every family

to write their moments of happiness.

I am a photographer for everyone who

wants to embody their memories in photographs

and leave it for future generations to remember them. 

I am a photographer for every women

to discover how to love yourself again

by boosting their confidence.

I am inspired by the beauty of what a camera can capture. The images we can create, you will love and look back at after years remembering your past. 


                                Isn't that wonderful!.. 

After gaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History in Lithuania I have travelled and lived in the United States of America and Canada. On returning to Europe and the United Kingdom I studied at Speos, the international photographic institute based in London and Paris. 

After London I  moved to Manchester where I now have my own studio.

In 2021 I have obtained MA from Salford University in Socially Engaged Photography with the main project 'Alone' which was analysing the older generation and their situation of being alone during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. 

Please, feel free to look at my portrait and headshot photography work. 


If you would like to do personal, family, business and social media portraits, feel free to drop me an email

or call me 0744 377 4319

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