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Surprise element in portrait photography!

Updated: Jun 1

Who doesn't love surprises?

Sometimes key aspect of portrait photography is the element of surprise.

Embracing the element of surprise allows for a level of creativity and authenticity that is difficult to achieve through meticulous planning alone. This sense of wonder and discovery not only keeps the photographer engaged but also results in portraits that are rich in emotion and individuality, capturing the true essence of the subject in a way that is both surprising and beautiful.

During a consultation, one of my 40 over 40 clients shared that she adores peony flowers, loves the colour royal blue and has a fondness for hats. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to get creative!

To make her session special, I ordered peonies in two different colors and gathered various sizes of pearls. With some hot glue, I crafted a beautiful flower headpiece just for her. I also ensured that some of the outfits I provide would match the colours of the crown.

When she saw the blue peony crown, she was thrilled and eager to wear it during the photoshoot. As I have mentioned before I really did not know what the outcome will be because until thiis point I have never tried this flower crown before.

Here are the stunning results:

I kept this crown because the blue colours and pearls in the images looked stunning. My next 40 over 40 client also expressed a love for flowers and mentioned she wanted to try some flower crowns. When she showed me her outfit, which featured blues that matched the crown, I knew it would be a perfect fit.

The surprise element in portrait photography adds a unique thrill to each of my session. As a photographer, you never fully know what you'll capture until the moment you press the shutter. This unpredictability can lead to spontaneous, genuine expressions and unexpected moments of beauty. Whether it's the way light unexpectedly falls across a subject's face, a candid laugh that breaks out during a posed moment, or an unplanned accessory that perfectly complements the setting, these surprises often result in the most memorable and captivating portraits. These elements of surprise not only enhance the creativity and excitement of the process but also create images that resonate with authenticity and emotional depth. Each session becomes an adventure, with the potential for new discoveries and delightful surprises that make both the experience and the resulting your portrait photographs truly special.

Therefore I have decided to experiment more with this crown by using similar and different colours, patterns.


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