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Furry friends and you

Ami and her furry friends.

There is this well known saying - "dogs are people best friends". I have no doubt about that as they fill our lives with joy and laughter. Teaches us to plan and take care for each other! We keep their memories deep in your hearts.

Ami came to my studio with her three furry friends Ecko, Tiger and Kiri. Her mums was with her to help with all the crowd. She told me that she would like to have photoshoot with them as they are in their late years - 9, 11 and 12 years old.

Ami wanted to have a portrait photoshoot with them and make images that she would be able to hang them on the wall and remember them all the time. I was excited about it as it is three dogs and not easy to get their attention. We worked hard and Ami will have memories with three of them forever.

I am happy that I could create amazing images for Ami and her furry friends. When I look back at my young days and go back to me and my dog memories it bring my smile back. We had such a great time and he taught me so much! Below is one of few images I have left with. Just wish to have more images with him.

furry friend
My childhood furry friend

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