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The secret of creating stunning portraits!

Updated: Jul 9

What is a secret of creating beautiful #portraits?

#Portraitphotoshoot can be challenging for some people. I have notice that especially if some women have never experience any kind of photoshoot. But what is that 'magic' that makes you feel good at the photo session and what is that secret of creating stunning portrait images?

The first step of creating this ' magic' is - conversation. Engaging in a dialogue throughout the session can significantly ease nerves and build a connection between all parties. Therefore during the hair and makeup - chatting is crucial. This is a time when we can talk about various topics, whether related to the shoot or personal interests.

According to #SueBryceEducation, creating a relaxed and connected environment is essential for capturing stunning portraits. The hair and makeup process is more than just enhancing your best features; it's a moment of transformation that adds to your confidence. When you feel good about yourself, it shines through in the photos. I should mentioned that the transformation that takes place during hair and makeup is not just physical; it’s emotional too. It’s about finding that inner #confidence and allowing it to radiate outward.

But the most crucial part is knowing what to do in front of the camera when creating portraits, headshots, personal branding - really any photoshoot style. If you do not understand how to move your body and grasp how the camera captures your movements, the photoshoot can become quite challenging.

This understanding involves recognising the importance of angles, props, lighting, posture, colours which can all significantly impact the final image. When you are aware of how these elements interact, you can create great poses to enhance your best features and convey the desired image. That's why teamwork is so important. Throughout the shoot, photographer should guide you on how to move your body and what to do. With the photographers knowledge and guidance that is passed to you over the photoshoot the opportunithy to create beautiful portraits is endless. .

Break down:

Angles are everything. They can dramatically alter the way you look in a photo. Tilting your head slightly or shifting your weight can create a more flattering silhouette. Props can be used to add interest and tell a story, but they must be handled with intention.

Lighting is a powerful tool that can highlight your best features and set the mood of the photograph. Understanding how to position yourself relative to the light source can make a world of difference.

Posture is another critical element. The way you hold yourself can communicate confidence, approachability, and many other qualities.

Colours, both in your clothing and the background, play a vital role in creating harmony and drawing attention to you as the subject.

Teamwork: photographer is there to direct and support you throughout the session. Therefore the photographer will help you understand how to use your body to create beautiful lines, shapes and also will demonstrate poses and adjust them as needed, ensuring that every shot captures you at your best.

The collaborative process is what turns a simple photoshoot into an empowering experience, where you not only look amazing but also feel confident and at ease. The synergy between you and the photographer, understanding and utilising these elements, is what results in stunning, captivating images that tell your unique story.

three images of women transformation of before and after 40 over 40 portrait photoshoot

40 over 40 photoshoot stuning portrait photography with Sharon

Sharon, 63-year-old participant in the "40 over 40" photoshoot project. This was her first photoshoot ever and coincided with her last day at work before retirement. She felt so uncomfortable and so low in herself when she just arrived for the photoshoot.


“I am 63, and I need to start living now. This is my first step,” she said.

For Sharon, this photoshoot experience was a small, but significant, step towards finding herself, understanding herself, and beginning to enjoy who she is. She admits she has never felt good enough about herself: “I felt like a total disappointment for my mother. I now realise I am a better person. It motivated me to improve myself and not judge others in that way".

there women images from 40 over 40 portrait photoshoot

Sharon has tried to find herself in the past: “You know when people talk about having a five-year plan? I never knew what I wanted to do in life. I am now 63 years old and I am still working my way and direction through life. I completed a degree in Business Information Systems when I was 38 but realised this was just part of the journey".

Recently, Sharon lost three stones, going from a size 16 to a 12.

'Magic' of creating beautiful portrait is simple

How to create beautiful portraits isn't really a secret. For example with Sharon, we chatted and listened to her favourite music. I was surprised to learn that she loves heavy metal, so we played some of her favourite bands. Showing and explaining techniques I've learned from other photographers over the years, I guided her on how to position her body—her chin, arms, legs, and hips. I also showed her how the camera captures her movements and what aspects are important. Not to mentioned lighting, backdrops, colours. When Sharon understood how to move her body she felt more empwerd and happy to carry on to create beautiful portraits of her!

Short video of Sharon 40 over 40 Portraits Photoshoot:

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