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Is portrait photography for you?

Updated: May 2

Every photoshoot is unique because of the individual in front of the

camera. Their life story is singular, and their ability to surmount

obstacles over the years transforms them into a stronger individual.

That is the essence of the entire photoshoot experience - to open

up, discuss life, and learn to bridge the inner self with your outer


women portrait from 40 over 40 portrait photoshoot, who is  wearing white t-shirt and is against black backdrop.
Heidi portrait from 40 over 40 portrait photoshoot

Questions arise:

Is this for me?

I'm not a model and I have no idea what I should do in

front of the camera.

Will the photoshoot be beneficial?

The answer is YES.

How else can you bridge your inner and outer selves without a

visual representation of yourself ?

I am not talking about selfies or quick and hurried images. I am talking about deeper thought of you in portraits. The one that you can put on your walls and be proud of image of You.

Meet Heidi, my client for the 40 OVER 40 photoshoot. Heidi is 46

years old and holds a PhD in linguistics. Heidi had never

experienced a photoshoot before. I am always excited to

photograph someone who is entirely new to portrait photography,

someone who is unfamiliar with what it entails to pose in front of a

camera and has no idea of the outcomes,

We collaborated closely with Heidi. Throughout the

photoshoot, we engaged in meaningful conversations about life

and shared perspectives. I guided her on how to pose to achieve

beautiful portraits, and she trusted me to create something


women having her hair and makeup done at 40 over 40 portrait photoshoot
Hair & makeup at the 40 over 40 portrait photoshoot experience.

Heidi reflects:

"I don’t feel that reaching a certain age suddenly grants you

understanding. At 46, I've learned more about myself through this

photoshoot experience. It's always about your mindset. As I

approached 40, I began to truly understand myself. It often takes

until 40 to reach this point, at least from my experience."

women portraits from 40 over 40 photoshoot who's is in green and pink outfits
Behind the scenes and portraits from 40 over 40 photoshoot

When asked what advice she would offer her younger self, Heidi


"The way I see it, it is obviously natural that when you get to a

certain age you look back and you think: did I make the right

decision? But I made decisions that at the time I felt were the right

ones for me (and continue to make decisions on this basis).

Therefore, I don’t look back because I do not think that's the way

to live your life. I feel I am changing all the time but that's because I

am open to changes, I like to develop personally, and I am a very

curious person. In your 20s you don’t know what your life will be

like when you are 25; in your 30’s you don’t know what your life is

going to look like when you’re in your 40’s. We only have one life

and I do not see the point of looking back. There’s probably

decisions I’ll make in my 40’s that perhaps I wouldn’t make in my

50’s, and so it continues!”

collection of women portraits from 40 over 40 photoshoot who is wearing black mini dress, violet dress and white t-shirt
Heidi portraits from 40 over 40 photoshoot

During photoshoots, I initially lead the way in demonstrating what

to do, but then we switch roles, and I follow your lead with the

camera. It becomes easier to be in front of the camera when you

understand the process and see the resulting images.

One of the images from Heidi's photoshoot was exceptional,

prompting me to submit it to The Portrait Masters competition in

the summer round of 2024, where it received a Bronze with

Distinction. I am immensely proud to have captured a moment of

artistry with someone who initially had no idea what to do in front

of the camera.

women portrait from 40 over 40 portrait photoshoot who is in mini black dress against the black backdrop
Heidi portrait that scored bronze with distinction at The Portrait Masters'24

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