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women portyrait with royal blue fower headpiece from 40 over 40 portrait photoshoot
portrait of women in white dress
women portrait in red dress 40 over 40 portrait photoshoot
Women portrait photography
women portrait in red dress, golden crown
women portrait with white sparkling dress and sparkling headpiece in a mylar paper studio set up
Women portrait in a green dress, holding magnifying glass by her eye
women's portrait who is dressed in her traditional outfit at vilija skubute photo studio
women portrait from 40 over 40 photoshoot in sparkling black and silver dress with black flower headpiece
women portrait with red dress and big vioet flowers on the head
Mother and daughtere photoshoot at Vilija Skubute photo studio
Contemporary portraits with women in violet dress and butterflies on her head at Vilija Skubute photo studio in Manchester
happy cheeky smile of the women at vilija skubute photography
Mother and daughter both woth long hair  portrait
Portrait of two women friendship at 40 over 40 photoshoot
40 over 40 photography portrait of women in black dress and black backdrop
women portrait in pink dress
women portrait in a red dress with a golden crown
portrait of mother and daughter
portrait of women in a red dress and red backdrop
women with blond hair and  blue outfit portrait
women portrait from boudoir photoshoot
Portrait of a women with closed eyes
Black and white women portrait from 40 over 40 photoshoot
women surrounded in flowers at oudoir photoshoot
black and white portrait if women with large hat
women in a yellow dress portrait
Women portrait in a red shiny dress
women portrait with a hat and blue peony flowers on top of the hat
women portrait in a short red dress and big pearl earings
women boudoir portrait with violet underware
women smiling portrait with read hair and with a  green dress
women portrait with pink  flower and pearl head piece.
women in pink dress and pearl earring portrait
Black and white women portrait from the back at boudoir portrait photoshoot
women portrait with eyes closed
women portrait in white pearl dress
portrait of women in a green dress and big blue flower on  her head
women portrait from 40 over 40 photoshoot project
women portrait with pearl hat


Vilija skubute

portrait photographer

Hello. My name is Vilija and I am a Manchester based, UK portrait photographer.

Not many people like being photographed and many of us think we are not photogenic, but the secret is - we are all photogenic and anyone can look good in photographs. My job is to move your body and find the best angles of you to take beautiful images that will change the way you see yourself! Therefore my role for your photo-portrait experience is to show your beauty, your empowerment and your strength as a woman!

I have been photographing women of all ages in my warehouse studio in central Manchester for over 5 years following my training and work at the world famous Speos photographic institute in London.

Your studio portrait, whether it be a headshot, studio session, boudoir, mother and daughter, with your pet or for personal branding and social media use, will be tailored to your needs and requirements. Let me photograph you how I see you. Beautiful, empowered, strong, or delicate and feminine. There are so many shades I can uncover for you.

what    people    are     saying
women portrait with flowers on her head on a review about Vilija Skubute Photography


"I had a photoshoot with Vilija which included the make up and dress up as a package just a few months ago. The experience was so good, Vilija puts you at ease and the process itself it was not stressfull at all. I felt as if I spent the day somewhere in another world, enjoying myself. The photos looked like out of this world! Trully you, but soo beautiful, one can never imagine. I would highly recommend Vilija for all women, especially if you are somehow anxious about going somewhere for a personal photoshoot, but really desire to have one. JUST AMAZING! "

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women portrait of before and after

Let's    work    together

I'M looking forward hearing from you.
I CAN'T WAIT TO start planning your beautiful photoshoot.

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and I will contact you as soon as possible!

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contact sheet with women portraits from vilija skubute photography
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