sitting women in a red dress at Vilija skubute photo studio
Mother and daughter photoshoot at Vilija Skubute Photo Studio
women in a red dress and violet flowers on her head at vilija skubute portrait studio
Mother and daughter portrait photoshoot
women in a beautiful Zamian dress
women portrait with the headpiece
mother is holding her daughter at vilija skubute portrait photo studio

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May photo offer.
( For you or a couple, mother & daughter, kids photo session.)
women portrait in green dress and greed head piece
women portrait in violet dress surrounded in flowers

 May mini portrait season

Limited availability!


Mother and daughter photoshoot
women portrait in yellow dress and gold crown
women portrait in tully black skirt
women portrait

£149 (Normally £189)

PRICE - £149 including :  
* 30 min consultation via phone or zoom
* Up to 2 h photography session. 
* 2 digital images  (print size up to 8"x12" or 8"x10") 
* Availability to utilise studio outfits. 
* Online reveal via zoom - with a gallery of portraits to choose from. 

Packages available:

Upgrade to 5 portraits  ( print size up to 8"x12" or 8"x10") - £349 (Normally £399) + 2 A4 print.

Upgrade to 8 portraits  (print size up to 8"x12" or 8"x10") -  £549 (Normally £599) + 4A4 prints.


High resolution digital images maximum size (wall art size) is £99 each.

Prints starts from £45.

Terms and Conditions:

*Monthly payment options are available upon request.

Booking Fee of £75 which will be deducted from your final balance. Booking Fee is non refundable. 

Get in Touch

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women portrait in green dress
Mother and daughter photoshoot at vilija skubute photo stusio
Women portraits ina black tully scirt
smiling women portrait
women portrait in red dress and gold crown with spikes

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of mother and daughter photoshoot
behind the scenes of portrait photoshoot
behind the scenes of portrait photoshoot at vilija skubute studio
behind the scenes of photographing young women with red dress and goald crown
behind the scenes of portrait photoshoot at vilija skubute photoshoot

phone: 0744 377 4319   email:

What happens during the session?

Before the session we will have pre-session consultation, where we will discuss the vision for the photo session via phone.

Session usually takes up to 2h and is shorter than full session with the hair and makeup done at the studio.

 This session suits for those who do not have an extra time but would like to have timeless portraits.

I will concentrate on you to make you feel relaxed and will guide during the mini session, because I understand that not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera.

If the mini session is for you and your child I will gently guide you through the session that you both look your best resulting in stunning images that captures unique and irreplaceable bond between you both.


After the session I will meet you at the reveal session via zoom, that is approximately 2 to 3 weeks after the session, you will view all your best hand edit images. You will be able to decide if you want to keep 2 image option or you would like to upgrade to 5 images or 8 images. 


The session is timed to fit in your busy day but will never be hurried. 

You may wish to fashion your own hair and make up we have time and a professional lit mirror.

If you wish to  have a professional hair & makeup artist at the studio. The price is £65 per person.


Spaces are limited,
contact now to book your spot!

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